Local Yarn from Happy Sheep | Grown, Spun & Dyed in Central Germany

our story & team


Raincloud & Sage Yarn began quite organically. 

For several years, Raincloud & Sage was the name of a Personal Blog, started and written by Ruth Werwai. Over the past four years, the brand has grown and expanded from selling hand knit and crochet items on Etsy to designing and selling patterns through Ravelry. In the Spring of 2017, Ruth decided to learn how to spin. She approached her friend Marty, who lives in a small village in central Germany and asked him if he knew what happened to the fleeces of the sheep that sometimes graze in his backyard, thinking she could use them for hand spinning. From here, an exciting partnership grew and Raincloud & Sage Yarn was born. 

We want to create yarn with a story- from sourcing, to spinning & processing, to dyeing with plants, right into the hands of knitters everywhere. Our yarn is rustic- woolly, sheepy farm yarn that would be perfect for sweaters, hats or mittens. We're involved in every step of the process- from sourcing and purchasing from shepherds, to delivering our wool to the small family run woolen spun mill we work with, to creating botanical dyes from plants and natural extracts. We want our yarn to end up in the hands of knitters who love good wool and making warm items with their own two hands. We just could not think of a better ending to the process our yarn goes through! 


Ruth Werwai is a Canadian currently living in a small town in Germany with her husband Waldi and young son. She is a passionate maker, fiber artist and life long learner. When she's not knitting you can find her reading, walking in the woods, and trying to keep her houseplants alive.

Role with R&S yarn: creative development, marketing & branding, running of day to day shop and admin

How do you take your coffee: strong, plentiful & with a bit of milk

Favorite season: Fall, always and forever

Most treasured handmade item: a cardigan knit by my grandma

 You can connect with Ruth over on Instagram where she’s @ruthwerwai or email her at hello@raincloudandsage.com (photo by Finlay Burrage Photography)

Marten Wellbrock is a hobby farmer, living in the German countryside with his wife Simone and young son. He is passionate about self sustainability and supporting local farms and small businesses. He's never tried knitting but enjoys woodworking and the occasional crochet project.

Role with R&S yarn: communications, logistics & stockist coordinator

How do you take your coffee: strong with a little whipped cream

Favorite season: Winter, because it's the coziest

Favorite vegetable to grow: Potatoes

 You can connect with Marty over on Instagram where he's @martywellbrock or contact him at marty@raincloudandsage.com (photo by Simone Wellbrock)