Local Yarn from Happy Sheep | Grown, Spun & Dyed in Central Germany

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Our first base Origin is a 3ply 100% merino yarn, woolen spun at a small family run mill. After spinning, the wool is washed in a stream on the property and hung to dry. We then skein the dry yarn and package it with the greatest of care. This is a dk weight yarn, with fiber sourced from small flocks in villages surrounding the city where I live. This is fiber that previously was not being used but rather often thrown away or burned, due to the fact that it has little value to wool brokers and can be difficult for shepherds with small herds to sell. We’re excited to turn this existing resource into a useable product.

Our first batch of Origin was completely sourced, spun and packaged within a 50 km radius, before making it’s way to you.

100 g / 200m


Our newest base Homestead is also a 3ply 100% merino yarn, woolen spun at our same mill, undergoing the same packaging processes as Origin. The fiber for this base is all sourced from one larger flock, in the surrounding region (Marburger Hinterland- if you’re curious!). This time around we’ve intercepted the fiber before it was sold off to a broker and sent overseas to be spun and mixed together with fiber from all over the place before being (potentially) imported back here for people to knit with. (Side note: the grey wool would most likely have been thrown away, as it doesn’t have any financial value to the brokers purchasing it. They need white wool that can be dyed to uniform colors) With this yarn, we're solving a slightly different problem in the wool supply chain, but an important one nonetheless. This time around, we had the fiber washed off site (ie not at our mill) for a more environmentally-friendly washing process than with Origin.

Homestead was sourced, spun and packaged (excluding washing) within a 65 km radius, before making it’s way to you.

approx. 100 g / 140 m

Both of these bases are currently produced in two natural colorways (cream & grey). In addition to this, we also offer limited edition naturally dyed skeins and mini skeins. We use plant material (or extracts) for all our naturally dyed skeins and although the process is always similar, it is possible that there will be slight discrepancies of color between skeins dyed using the same materials. Currently we are the process of developing a core collection of colorways (both undyed and dyed) so stay tuned for more information on that soon!

This is rustic farm yarn- it's woolly and sheepy. To ensure that your yarn does not felt, always wash by hand. If you’re curious, I’ve written all about how I block (and sometimes pre-wash) our yarn here.