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Betty's Sweater Kit: Cutch 01

Betty's Sweater Kit: Cutch 01


This is a listing for the Betty’s Sweater Pin with a skein of mill spun Merino dyed using cutch extract. Betty was the name of my grandmother and this cabled cardigan was a heirloom sweater she knit that we misplaced. The pin is a tribute to her and celebrates female friendship.

Our mill spun base is also German merino (but not from r&s shepherds) woolen spun at our mill. 100g // 350m.

Dyed in my kitchen using cutch extract. PLEASE NOTE: although extra care was taken when photographing these skeins, natural dyes can be tricky to capture accurately. There may be slight differences between your monitor and the skein itself. This skein has been mordanted to improve lightfastness, but I still recommend storing it in a dark place.

Betty’s Sweater: pin drawn by Simone Wellbrock. 3.5cm x 2cm, enamel with butterfly clip fastener. Made in Germany.

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